1. This is my beloved Daegu, my first hometown in Korea. I love these streets, bad smells and all.

  2. katiedid536:

    This lovely ad popped up on my Facebook wall. It’s wrong on so many levels, and this isn’t even the worst thing I’ve seen. Women in this country are bombarded with more messages about needing to be thin and beautiful than anywhere else I know of. 

    Most of them also correspond to the necessity of finding a man to make you feel secure and good about yourself. Many, like this ad say that the only way you could find that kind of happiness is to be the right kind of attractive.

    It makes me sad to see that my beautiful little students already believe this stuff. They’d rather I tell them they were pretty than hear that they were smart.

    Excuse me while I go rebel by eating a whole bunch of sugar.

  3. In Korea it’s not strange to eat standing up, slurping over a hot bowl of something as an ahjumma looks on. The more noise you make, the more compliments to the chef.

    After a long weekend, some udon hit the spot right before we boarded the bus for the long journey home to Seoul.

    These stalls are pretty cheap and not bad for the quantity of food and the taste. It’s usually around 5,00won or less for a pretty filling snack. Good value food is something Korea does really well. No excuses for an empty belly here!

  6. Just when I was beginning to think Korea was devoid of all natural beauty, the fresh air and lush greenery of Mt. Seorak (Seoraksan) convinced me otherwise.

    A weekend away with friends was exactly what was needed to recharge and refresh. The crisp air, full of beautiful oxygen and fragrant plants helped reset my brain.

    Never underestimate the power of a weekend away to make you appreciate where you are.

  7. Don’t be scared of ahjummas with spatulas! Usually they’re doing something gastronomically amazing.

    Ok, so I couldn’t partake in this particular meal, but I heard that this was the best Abai Sundae (a squid stuffed with rice, spices, and various deliciousnesses) we had all weekend. She drew us in with her smiles and promises of side dishes.

    It turned out we had to order two servings to get the free stuff, but nobody complained too much and it was demolished fairly quickly.

    Abai Sundae gets a big thumbs up from these waygookins!